An "In love" vs "Love" question?

Ok I've seen a few questions on here people saying they broke up because their bf/gf wasn't "in love" with them anymore.

I thought "in love" gets replaced with a much deeper "love" as time goes on meaning "in love" is like the honeymoon period?

Am I getting this all wrong?


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  • Everyone has different interpretations of what "love" and "in love" mean, as if the feelings or actions are different, but really they aren't different stages. If you love your partner, then you're in love with them. Maybe the relationship routine changes and so do the couples behaviour but they are either in love with each other or they aren't.

    • My ex said she loves me but wasn't "in love" with me

    • Which is an excuse, meaning she cares for you still, in a way, but she isn't in love with you. She tried to differentiate between "loves" to provide you with what she thought was a nicer break-up excuse.

    • Yep! This is a really good way to put it!

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  • Yes. Personally I think your thinking is a little backwards.
    To be "in love" is the deepest state of love. One hopes to be "in love" with their partner forever. Even divorced people often still "love" their prior mate. They are just no longer "in love" with them.

  • Well for me, in love means I FEEL a deep connection with the person I'm with, everything from sexual to emotional, I want to be with them all the time. When I LOVE someone, I love their soul, their personality, their being.

  • Nonono, in love is very different from love in my opinion

    In love never goes away after time when you are actually in love. @redeyemindtricks has been married since she was 26, and she's 41 now. She fell in love with her husband and she still is deeply in love with him, they have a beautiful relationship together.

    Love can mean your heart made a connection with someone, in love may mean your heart is invested in someone.

    • For me. yeah, this is it. When I'm in, I'm in.

      I've known people who can genuinely fall out of love -- just as some people can evolve so much that they effectively become different people. But, not me. I'm wifey for lifey.

  • you are not wrong.
    but people are getting in love confused with in lust


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  • Ya I think your right! Once you have been together for a long period your love deepens.

    The honeymoon love/lust is thing is kind of over and it becomes like a deep/familiarity type love.

    • If "the honeymoon love/lust thing" ever runs out, you are doing life wrong.

    • @redeyemindtricks It would be rare for that honeymoon lust thing to continue on for 20-30 years, and be as intense as it was all the time. We all get complacent to a certain degree, but the root love takes over and you have more meaningful everything else, rather than just being lustful and wanting to get into each others pants all the time. It is not a bad thing, just the focus shifts to a more deep friendship love. Not saying you don't lust for the person ever, but your lovemaking becomes more intense and it becomes quality rather than quantity.

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