Should I offer help to my ex-boyfriend?

Last month, my ex-boyfriend and I mutually decided to break up because we have no future together. We both hugged and cried before saying goodbye, and we have pretty much not contacted each other since then (except that one time when we exchanged a brief and awkward convo on Snapchat and he ended the conversation a few days after). I still have a little feelings for him, but I think that we have made the right decision.

Here's a thing: 2 weeks from now, He is gonna move out of his dorm to a new place. Before the break-up, we have been finding this place for him together and now I still really wanna offer him help with the moving because I have a car and he doesn't. However, I am afraid that I may come off as the "crazy obsessive ex" to him who wants to get him back (Which is absolutely not true). So now I'm confused... Should I break off our no-contact phase and text him to offer him help? He has quite a big ego, so I don't expect him to come to me to ask for help. But I know that his moving process will be much easier if I drive him!! Ughhh please help
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To clarify: We are not on speaking terms now. in fact, we broke up not long ago (1 month ago), and he never reaches out to me after the break up. I felt like he does not want to talk me anymore, so me suddenly offering him help will seem weird... Truth is, I still care about him and miss him daily, but I accept the hard reality and am in the process of moving on. Therefore, I am still confused whether talking to him again is the right decision... Thanks for helping xx
Should I offer help to my ex-boyfriend?
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