Communication Is Key?

So basically my ex came back about 3 months after he broke up with me in December. I still have feelings for him and he has revealed he does so we are in that getting-back-together stage but yet I'm confused of where we stand. Should I confront him about it? I think I am gonna talk to him but I'm not sure when would be a good time though. What are some ways I can ask and how do you think he'll react? What are some good ways to ask him? I really need to talk about "us" and see if we are gonna make it work or I should try to move on.. I'm just really confused and need to talk to him. Should I?


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  • Talk to him. The sooner the better so you can move on sooner if it doesn't seem possible. If the issues that caused the break up are still present it may not make sense to get together though. If it 's possible to fix those, then you can give it a second chance.

    • I asked him if we could talk already but he said when he got his phone back (he got it taken away) and then he had to leave so that was pretty much it. I don't know why he can't talk to me instead of text but I'm gonna confront him about it and solve it right there and then.

    • It could be that he is a little nervous about it or that he is not ready to talk yet. The sooner you find out the better but I would not pressure him about the answer he may just need a little time before he is ready to talk about a relationship.

  • Well that is a good question... The guy I am with now, we were like that at one time. I didn't know where we stood either. I confronted him with it. He said that, he would rather me just come out and say what I want to ask rather than just ask in a confusing way. So you may want to just plain out ask where you two stand with each other...

    • Sorry for the late response. How did you guys work it out? I'm thinking about talking to him during free period....

    • We talked about it straight out. He was glad that I didn't pressure for an answer and I gave him time to think about it. He just needed time to think about it and your guy may need the ssame thing just don't rush him into things because if you were in his shoes you might not like it. Let him have his time when you ask and he will come around to your answer.

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