How to make an Anti-Compatibility list? Getting over someone?

So my crush is not into me,

Maybe she is, but seeing her boyfriend that I didn't know about really killed my heart.

But I still have those "Rose Colored Glasses" on, meaning I really am overlooking flaws I know she has but for some reason don't care about.

What are some flaws and compatibility issues you would not be able to handle in a partner?

I feel like I could handle/take anything to be with her...


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  • Why are you so infatuated with her? Is it because you know you can't have her? (at least not right now)

    Is she just a girl you've had a crush on or is she your ex because you've posted this on 'break-ups & divorce.'

    • I really am infatuated, and it was/is a crush.

      I really thought she liked me back, a huge reason I started to like her more.

Most Helpful Guy

  • It depends how much you know about her. No one is going to 100% compatible so there are going to be things you could find. But other than an anti compatibility list isn't really what I'd use. Here's how I go by things, I'm never into a girl who isn't into me, ever. There's no reason to have a crush on someone who doesn't also have one on you. I'll go up to an attractive girl not because I like her, but because I think she's attractive nothing more, I'll go up to her as a test to see if I like her, not to try and impress her or whatever some other guys might try to do. If she doesn't seem interested in me, I'm no longer interested in her, if he seems interested in me.. I'll become more interested in her and we develop attraction for each other from there.

    I know I've rambled from what your original question was about. But I think the fact she's got a boyfriend and is therefore interested in another guy instead of you, should be enough reason to forget about her.. Rather than writing a list of things that you don't like about her..

    • She broke up with her boyfriend now.

      I know everything about her, she always talked about herself and I listened...

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