Please help me figure out exes behavior?

We started becoming close again. We've hung out a few times and he told me he misses us, he wished he never broke up with me and that he wished we weren't in the past. He flirts with me when he sees me and told me he wants to hang out again. Then a day later he liked a few pictures of mine on Instagram than blocked me shortly after. Is he just playing a mind game with me? Or does he want nothing to do with me? I didn't do anything or say anything to him to make him do this. And do you think he still has feelings for me?


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  • Seems like he has another girlfriend now and is to scared to tell you. That how I would do it in the past

    • So could he still have feelings for me than? I mean I'm not really sure what to do besides ignoring his behavior at the moment

    • I know he does. He might be trying to get you to have him

  • lol.. mark my words guys.. he will bang her again.


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