How to not break the no contact rule with my ex when we go to the same university?

My ex and I broke up with no words 3 weeks ago and now I want to start the no contact rule because one of my friends went to talk to him about me.

She thought that she was doing me a favor but she only made things worse because now he thinks I'm a childish and needy ex girlfriend that sends her friends to beg for him as I couldn't go myself.

Now I want to show him that I'm not like that at all and wants to start the no contact rule. however, we go to the same university and it's literally impossible to not bump into each other every day unless I stop going out during breaks and decide to stay in my classroom or the girl's toilet till he's gone. What should I do?
We are in different classes so we can only bump into each other during break.


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  • Find a new place to hang out on breaks or ignore him in the same break setting and stay on the opposite side of him, talking with friends and hanging out with them. One of the most important rules for getting your ex back through no contact is to show him you don't need him, that you can still go on without him. Guys like confidence and you need confidence in yourself even if you two don't get back together because if he and you are not meant to be together again, you will find someone else you are meant to be with. But don't try to apologize to him for what your friend did because he will just try to get out of that situation and walk away. Initiate it from now on and don't talk to him at all. Texting, in person, etc. unless you absolutely have to for school purposes. It will give him time to think back on your relationship and reflect upon all the good times and he will start to miss you. He will either initiate it first, or you initiate a conversation after 30 days, that is the golden rule for nc. Good luck!


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  • Do not force yourself for a thing you're unable to do.


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