He said he wAnted to be friends after the break up but he's going no contact?

We had a mutual break up. He won't talk to me but says over and over that he cares and wants to have me in his life. I have a feeling that won't happen, though. Will he ever come around? I genuinely want to be friends and not get back together


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  • "Let's be friends" is always a lie. Why you women keep falling for that I'll never know. He's too much of a pussy to just say goodbye. If you think you can be friends after a breakup then I have some beachfront property in Arizona for yoy

    • It's ALWAYS a lie?:/

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    • Why is it a lie? Just curious. What's the meaning by it @reptocarl

    • @Ttop78bandit because it never happens. It's one of two reasons. The first is the guy tries to spare her feelings so the breakup isn't as painful but it's still a lie. Second he's just too much of a pussy to say goodbye. If a woman says or asks it she's being sincere usually but the guy saying "ok" to her offer of being friends is a lie for one of the two mentioned reasons

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  • Being the Break up was a 'Mutual one,' you now have to Understand with this Man that things may never go back to the "Way we Were," and he may Instead... Suggest Friends with Benefits."
    This is One road that you don't want to take. If anything, try and stay friends for now and if it doesn't work the way that you want it, then Focus more on you. You may find out that you would have to then Begin your own Beguine of "Starting over" again alone.
    There are cases where couples do end up to be Besties, but it's very rare. However, no matter the case, the History of His and Her is something that will always live within.
    Having him in your own life as a Friend to the End is better than nothing, I am sure. But it all depends too on how he shows you what kind of a Friend he intends to be after this break up.
    Good luck. xx

    • The break up was largely due to his lack of sexual interest in me. He didn't want to hook up during the relationship, he definitely doesn't now. I think that he's gay. That's rlly not the issue here.

    • I see, well, regardless then, either stay simple friends or focus on you now so you can begin a life of moving on from him and find someone who is interested in you and want what you want.

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • It could be related to a lot of things.
    My ex also said we will be friends after the break up,
    but she ignored me for the last 6 months...
    I believe he have bigger self esteem and ego, so he would like
    you to look for him first, the same way my ex wants.

  • he's treating you like a guy friend. Guys dont use other guy friends for emotional support. What he means is that he will be friendly but you can't count on him to fulfil any of the roles in your life that he previously filled.


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