Girls, My Ex girlfriend Dumped Me Then Starts Texting Me. What Does She Want?

When my ex girlfriend dumped me, I didn't beg because I was not about to put myself that low. She never told me why she did by the way. Anyway, 2 weeks later she starts texting me wondering what I've been up to. She never brings up the break-up. After some nice banter/small chit-chat, I cut the games and ask why she contacted me. She said it was just to say hi. I ask her (again) what led to her "ghostly" break-up with me but she still won't tell me (not rudely but she said she didn't want to talk about it). I am very sure at this point that it most likely wasn't me, as I was faithful and tried to communicate with her as she started going cold. Anyway, now she is consistently (but not crazily) texting me wondering what I'm up to and what not. I mentioned a movie once and she said we should go see it. I feel like I'm getting mixed signals. I want her back but I don't know A) why she broke up with me and B) what she is trying to accomplish by keeping conversation daily. I do want her back but I don't know what to do! Help?
by the way I was not pushy about anything and kept things light, even playing off her not wanting to tell me with a joke
I was also planning to ask her for coffee (to switch out the movie situation) to get a better read.


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  • I would NEVER take her back until you fully understand what went wrong. I mean it could be something absolutely horrible and personal to her like sexual assault or something, but she still needs to be able to trust that she can talk to you otherwise a relationship wouldn't work.
    And if it's not something like that that is personal to you, then she owes it to you because it's your feelings that are involved here too when she broke up.

    So I think if you want to get back with her, you should at least wait until you get an explanation. But she does seem to not be over you and want you around all the time, but she's also being a bit weird and insensitive to your feelings to break up, not tell you why, then repeatedly message you.

    • So the coffee... good idea?

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    • I'll keep that solution in mind if she does come around but I won't bring that up with her again for a bit. She's very stubborn and I don't want to press my "luck", persae. If I find an opprounity though, I'll tell her she can do that.

    • Sounds good.

  • She seems to want you back.


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