How to get back to a guy best friend after sexting and him pulling away cause I liked him?

Okay I met a guy and we were really damn close we had the most fun and talked about many things I was okay until he started flirting. He is flirty he likes to challenge the girls and see what they can do I started to feel jealous when he talked about other girls, I never told him that tho until he kept asking me one and insisted to know When I told him he was happy he said I love that you care, you're amazing it's flattering that you kinda like me Him saying stuff like that made me fill harder. He kept going like that until we started sexting and he had a girlfriend during that time. He kept asking for nudes I sent him cause I felt that I would lose him as a friend if I didn't. After all that he stopped talking I made fights about him not being a friend at all cause we never talk he never texts first Now shit happened all my friends are saying that he's a fuckboy but a huge part of me values the good times we had Now I stopped texting at all cause I was hurt he tried to reach back many times I really felt that he wants us to be back "I don't know back as what tho" And he texted me once I didn't replay so he got mad and blocked me. After that he kept talking in school like nothing happend? What does that mean? We only talk in school and we're finishing school in one week and I'm afraid he won't ever text me again what should I do


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  • Sounds like you wanna try something with him, but you're friends are closing the game between both fo you, since you're listening to their opinion.
    If you want him in your life, tell it rathen then live in expectation and wasting your time.


What Girls Said 2

  • He had a girlfriend and he's flirting with a bunch of people and asking for nudes? He's not a good guy, he's being a douche and sorry to say but he was using you for that reason.
    You got to the point where you were more scared of losing a friend than you were of sending nude photos to someone that could potentially use them to hurt you, that isn't even your partner. No guy should have that power over you.

    • Thank you very much. I've changed now and I'm re thinking about the whole situation
      I still miss him tho he was a good company
      And him keep coming back confuses me the most.

      You were helpful I appreciate it thank you

    • i can understand that though. I once had a guy I was getting close to and thought if I did that he'd stay in my life but I never did it and I am so glad I didn't because he turned around and was a douche when he realised he couldn't get that out of me.
      But it's hard to lose friends too, even if it was only a one sided friendship, because they're nice to get something out of you, you miss that niceness.

  • Are you fucking kidding me? Are you seriously this immature? You sexted a guy who had a girlfriend! That is so wrong! And your mindset is completely screwed up if you think you have to send nudes to keep a friend, friendship doesn't involve nude pictures of you! This is seriously screwed up! Have some class and don't go after other girl's boyfriend and don't send naked pictures to male friends just so they will stay your friend because they are not truly your friend. Seriously. You need some common sense.


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