Is it time for me to let go and breakup?

I don't usually use this kind of place and I plan to speak with my girlfriend, but I have problems communicating so this might help prepare. I have been with her for a year and a half. She is the best girlfriend I had (I don't date much, but I had a few serious long relationships) and I believe it' hard to find as good. I am studying, I live with my father and she lives alone at about 2 km away which is close enough for us to be together A LOT. It's been going well in general, except that like any relationships, there are ups and downs and things that clash. She has kids and I really do not want kids, for exemple. She does not want to be alone and she has been pressuring me since maybe 7 months to go live with her next month. She always said that if I do not, it's over. That pressure has been killing me a bit. And she knows, I mean I spoke to her about all the reasons why I do not want to. I don't see why I would, I want to wait a year for my studies to end... But I understand. It's just that also, I really really like to be alone. I love her, I think, but I don't miss her. I am relieved when she says "not tonight". I'd like to see her less often. When I am with her it only feels like I am wasting time. I am a very busy person (some people have no activities at all, but I have a lot of hobbies/work). And even if she is nice in general, there was some lying/betrayal from her in the last months and I still can't trust her even if I try to. Still, I know she loves me a lot and that makes me want to be with her, but at the same time, I don't. Maybe if it wasn't for the pressure of living together in a month, I wouldn't even be thinking of leaving he, but right now, I know it ends if I cancel and I am 110% it ends if I don't, since I already really do not want to.

TLDR: girlfriend and I want different things. She wants me to go live with her in a month, or she leaves me. And I have no intentions at all of moving with her for now.


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  • What type pf lying betrayal was there?

    • She did not cheat, but she lied about another man that was kins of obsessed with her. He was trying a lot to get her and she did not really push him away. She did not want me to know because she was considering it. One day he asked for a treat and she said ok but not nude. So she sent him pictures of her to please his sexual appetite. It was not much but she lied a lot about it and even if not cheating it was still betrayal to me

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    • I appreciate your comment on this, however some details might change that opinion. She is a generous woman. I have been with a lying cheating w**** before that was only with me so I could take care of her, but this is different. First of all, she only has her kids on weekends and she doesn't ask much from me on that part. And second, she is mostly the one spending money for me and she knows with my studies I can't offer much so she would only want me to pay for the extra that it costs for me living with her. Meaning I don't even have to pay rent or internet or anything, just my food and my own stuff. It doesn't change that she is pushing me towards something I am not ready yet, but she is not an ungrateful person just trying to squeeze money out of me or for me to look after her kids

    • Thats all nice. but doesn't really make her faithfull in my book. Anyway its upto you what you want to do

  • Yes.


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