Wanting to understand my ex's behaviour and insight would be great?

Wanting to understand my ex's behaviour and insight would be great? so, me and my ex dated for a few months, it was great, then he was acting all flaky with me and asked him flat out straight what was wrong and he told me that he wasn't ready for a relationship and asked if we could remain friends. I said we could, but then decided that i couldn't a couple of weeks later as i still had feelings for him, and needed some space, and that part of my recovery process was unfriending him on all my social media and and told him when i was ready to be his friend, i would re-add him , so few weeks go by and i sent him a request on facebook and thought the request wasn't sent properly, so i sent him another one, he obviously didn't accept it, so i thought to myself ok he doesn't want to be my friend and doesn't want anything to do with me, as you do you get on with your life. Then three weeks later, without any contact or anything from him, boom, he decides to pop up from no where and visits my online profile, you can tell who visits your profile on this site, and this is how we first met and we are both matched together on the site, anyway i thought once or twice was no big deal but he's visited my profile almost everysingle day. i asked him what was up, as it was out of character, but he didn't reply, but know he read my message, and haven't messaged him again since then, as he obviously doesn't want to talk to me, but he still continued to visit my profile and this has been going on for the past 2 weeks, and now he hasen't visited my profile in a couple of days. i don't have feelings for him anymore, i just want to understand his behaviour.


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  • Even if he doesn't want to be with you, maybe he still wants you to want him. Perhaps he is looking on your profile to check if you have anyone else in your life, or to make you not forget about him and have hope that you guys could reconcile.


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  • He's wanting you as a backup plan


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    There’s always going to be pressure coming at you from all sides to do the “right thing.” It will come at you from acquaintances, coworkers, friends, family, and the women you date—all of whom think they have it all figured out and want nothing more than to bring you down to their level. This raises a question: What is the “right thing” in this day and age?
    Did a guy who’s on the brink of getting divorce-raped by his unappreciative wife do the “right thing” when he put a ring on it without doing his due diligence first? When a woman destroys herself from a steady diet of loser cock and settles for a man she isn’t all that attracted to and doesn’t respect—is she doing the “right thing”?
    Is it the “right thing” to bring children into the world only for them to be raised in a split household by a selfish and conniving single mother, and by a father who’s nothing more than a demoralized wallet stuck on the wrong side of the looking glass?
    Is it the “right thing” to treat a self-absorbed career woman like pure gold, when in reality she’s just a step above pure shit? As all women descend further and further into moral turpitude, is it the “right thing” to show them respect just because they demand it, yet posses no qualities that actually command it?
    Society says: “Yes sir, these are all the right things!” Funny, isn’t it? How everything that is supposedly the “right thing” for a man seems to be nothing more than a one-way ticket to shattered self-respect at best, or complete annihilation at worst. If a man is willing to tow the line and allow society to dictate his behavior, his decisions, and his values—then that man is on the fast-track to failure and ruin. The bottom line is this: being a crowd-pleaser will get you nowhere, and if people hate on you and think you’re an asshole for marching to the beat of your own drum—then fuck’em.
    There is no “right thing” anymore.


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