Ok to ask Ex to hang out, maybe go to the movies. I see a possibility of a second chance?

We broke up a month ago, but he has been initiating since the breakup to see what im doing etc. Sometimes even more than once a week depending and I will initiated sometimes as well. I believe there could be a second chance with him. Usually if i break up with someone we usually do not talk but he's talking to me. Although it sucks talking and currently not being anything im trying my best because I believe there could possibly be another shot with us. I feel we didn't get a fair shot. Anyway is it weird if maybe to ask him to hang and maybe go to the movies like a first step and see how it goes. If it goes good then maybe something better can come along. What do you think? i am not holding my breath for us getting back but i have a good feeling and if it happens it be great because I see us growing for a long time, but if not then so be it.


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  • There is no second chance and no chance of being friends. He only wants you as a backup plan

  • No... why do women always think a second time around will work better. Hell, i'm doing someone new the day after I break up.


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