Hanged out with my exbf then next week dating someone again, why is he doing this?


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What Guys Said 2

  • The better question is why are you talking to an ex?

    • Because I still love him.

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    • He's dated other girls and always come back to me.

    • And always left you again too. You're a backup plan. You've been warned

  • Because he is your ex. He's moving on, as all should do.


What Girls Said 1

  • Because he can, because you let him really. Then again when hanging gout did he give you any hints that he was wanting to get back together or of the sorts? If not, he's allowed to hang out with you because you agreed, doesn't mean he can't date someone else.

    • I know he can it just hurts when I still have feelings for him and still love him. He kissed Me and everything and seems like he does its very confusing he told me he had still strong feelings me so yeah confusing.

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