Still in love with him?

Me and my ex split up over the fact we were kind of drifting apart. My mum and dad hate him and are the type of people who believe once someone is an ex you don't go back.

However, as much as I'm trying to just let us be friends (as we were before we got together), I can't help it but I'm still in love with him. I want my life with him and he wants all the same things I do.

Do I stay away as my parents advise? Or do I go with my heart?
So I told him everything last night and he's told me he still loves me, always will, and cares about me. But "we can't go back". How do I fix this?


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  • Follow your heart, basically your parents should put aside animosity if it means the happiness of their own child. Our parents love us and are supportive of us as we grow from children and show carry over into our adulthood as well. Talk with your parents and let them know that their judgmental views are hindering your happiness and you feel is keeping the 2 of you apart.

    • My mum honestly hates his guts. As for my dad, he says he'd happily beat him up because I was upset about it (naturally) but as you say the heart wants what the heart wants!

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    • I don't want to give up on him

    • Thank you for mho

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  • It's hard I am going through the same thing myself. My parents do know what is best I believe, but the heart wants what the heart wants. We have "broken up" so many times, I can't keep going to my parents for support when I am the one keeping her around.

    I know I need to let her go, but I just... can't. Our sex life isn't even that great, but I just miss everything about her when she is gone. Even the shitty things. Yet, when she is there all the shitty things she does weigh on me, it's not healthy.

    Sorry, I know this isn't much help, but know you aren't in this alone. My mom told me I need to just make a decision and stick with it. You either put up with the things that bother you about that person, or you cut your losses and move on. Guilt is no reason to stay with someone. But sometimes it is hard to distinguish.

    • We've not broken up and got back together repeatedly but it's reassuring knowing I'm not the only one going through similar feelings

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  • If you were just drifting apart and there was no major cause for breakup, I don't think you should hate him as your parents do. I might be a hopeless romantic but I think that if you love him and are meant to be with him, it'll happen. I'd try to stay in touch with him but also realize that if he doesn't show interest, you might have to let go.

  • You broke up for a reason. Don't forget that

    • But it wasn't anything bad except that. We didn't hate each other, the only thing I hate is what's happened between us

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