A little long but please help me.. Mature advice needed?

Has anyone ever had to break up with a live-in boyfriend that you loved but didn't seem compatible with? I don't know if I wanna break up yet but I've been thinking about it lately.

It's just that we have different lifestyles. He likes to stay up with his homeboys and kick it all night while I just wanna come home from work to an empty house and relax. Everyday he tells me no one will be there when I get home but when I get there someone is always there. Two of his friends in particular sleep on our couch most nights but they don't pay rent or nothing! I've talked to him numerous times about it but nothing ever changes for more than a day or two.

There's also other stuff like I'm paying the majority part of the bills including HIS phone bill when he runs out of money. he's 21 and doesn't have a license and doesn't seemto be in a hurry to get it. He doesn't have any drive to better himself it seems. Also he wants to control everything even stuff he wouldn't have if it wasn't for me.

The main thing holding me back is he's known my skn since he was one month old and I don't wanna take him away from him but I don't know how much more I can take. What should I do and how should I go about doing it? We live together..


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  • he sounds like a bum in progress if he isn't not helping while having freinds over never letting you guy have enough alone time. i am sory if i sound mean but i once was a bum and thats how i started. im over it now because i grew up and wanted things,

    he will not chnce till he wants somnething more than he has with you if he isn't read y to do that i would ask him to leave if he can't just let it be you 2 because right now he is controlling everything which is not a situation you wan to be in.

    because once he gets enough control he will begin making you feel guilty for things which is the worse thing a guy can do.


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  • Break up. Then see what happens


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  • If yu don't feel happy then leave him.. hy u hv only 1 life...


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