Could my ex be attached to me?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me 2 weeks ago because things weren't working out. by the way its a LDR. She said she still cares about me, thinks about me, thinks about stuff I used to say to her when we dated, we tlk everyday though she dosent reply back to my text as quick has she used to, she still wants to be freinds cause she likes tlking to me, she dosent like anyone else and she still has feeling for me but there not that strong. A few days ago I told her I was going to leave her alone because she was. confused about this whole situation. She said, " if you want to.. i guess" . I asked her if she would be sad? She was like,"yeah". I asked her if she was attached to me? She was like, "idk lol". I told her i think she is. She was like, "okay lol. I f she wasn't attached would she have just straightup say she's not attached and no she wouldn't be sad if i left?


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  • Yes she'd be very sad she's attatched to you but she wouldn't admit it. maybe even in love.

    • Y break up if she's in love with me lol

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    • My SO and i are on and off for weeks at a time though, its hard but something well get past. Id say the jury is still out so dont sentence yourself to it not working out just yet.

    • I don't know... im gonna wait until Friday... if i dont get a text back im leaving... its just a waste of time tbh

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  • Maybe she's over it but didn't say it because she didn't want to hurt you

    • How could she be over it but still tlk to me everyday?

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