How do you feel when your bf/gf breaks up with you and says we feel like friends?

It sucks when you are dating someone for awhile and everything is good til they dumped you saying it feels like were only but friends. I had boyfriends who said that to me and it made me feel really confuse. We acted like a couple but isn't the friend part of bf/gf friend? I'm really confuse. People say they look for a best friend in a relationship. Any idea? Has this happened to you and how did you feel about it?


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  • That's really odd it'd imagine being friends would make it that much better if you have a good sex life/ cuddle life and have fun together. My ex said she was scared of me and was feeling sad spending time at my place, like wtf that was brutal

    • Why would she scare of you? That's odd

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    • No wonder why. I would be scare too

    • Women are so literal lol I was like "sometimes I love ya, sometimes I wanna strangle you"

  • Did you have sex with your exes?

    • Does everyone have sex with their bf/gf?

    • You could've just answered a yes or no. If you didn't have sex with them, what they said could mean that they want sex in the relationship. For most guys the big difference between a friend and a girlfriend is that.

What Girls Said 1

  • I just had it happen to me as well. The guy I was seeing said he's in love with me and I waited 3 months to have sex with him for the first time and right after that he broke things off saying he only sees me as a friend. I'm still confused...

    • I know it sucks and I feel the same way too. I think that's all he wanted and waited for. Sorry 😢

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