Please someone help me from this heartbreak and give me their opinion?

I'm sorry in advanced for this being long:

me and my x were in a relationship for two years. We officially broke up in February because I thought I fell out of love with him, so I ended it. Up until April he wouldn't leave me alone telling me how I'm his only love, etc. my feelings came back and we started hanging out again and going on- I ended up realizing I made a big mistake and wanted him back. (He knows in the past I cheated on him once- I know it was bad) anyway, while we have been hanging out I found out he had a new girlfriend. He then told me how he only wants me and doesn't care about her, he just can't trust me because of what I did. Long story short he promised he stopped seeing her and talking to her. She ended up finding me on social media calling me telling me how he says the same thing to her (how he wants her, and I'm the one who wanted him back) she also told me how he would sleep over her house after he left mine.

I I confronted him about this, and he basically said he didn't know who he wanted to be with because he didn't think he could trust me again. We worked it out, and again he promised he was done. He has some problems and is going away for 30 days and asked me to take him. And I know he's been acting weird for the past couple days , not really texting me or anything. So I accused him of talking bro her still. He promised he wasn't. Anyway me and my best friend had a huge fight and she ended up calling him telling him how I cheated on him multiple times which was a complete lie. He ended up believing her. And then having his "new" girlfriend drive him to airport. I'm so heartbroken and not understanding. I know him. And I know if he loved me the way he did he wouldn't of cared about us fighting and would want to see us. He called me before he went on, and said he can't trust me and how he wanted to see that girl. He then said how he loved me and asked if I wanted him to call me when he landed. I said ok

do you think he still loves me
+1 y
He just called me telling me how much he loves me
Please someone help me from this heartbreak and give me their opinion?
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