Why are guys assholes?

I broke up with my ex because it just seemed like he wasn't as into me as I was into him. He would only see me about once a week and say that he couldn't do more because of his job. Likewise i was most times afraid to ask him to come visit me for fear of him saying no.
I told him these things one night. He would deny it, telling me that he cares about me and is into me... but his actions spoke differently. I told him it doesn't matter what you say it's your actions. He replied with ' my actions are not against you' and i said yes but they dont have much to do with me.

He then got really mad and told me to leave and never turn back.
I know people say that good looking guys are usually assholes because they know they can get away with it. But my ex was more average looking and not in good shape.
Yet he was still such an asshole to me. Even told me that he didn't want to use the terms 'boyfriend and girlfriend' yet sex was still an expectation.
I actually think he only liked me for my looks.
Why are most guys just straight up assholes?
Why are guys assholes?
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