Do these signs seem good?

he is very much the person I want to grow with and have a future with. He is the one that got away I believe. We broke up about a month ago. Since the breakup he has initiated contact with me. he was the one to initiate it all besides me a few times after he did. The conversations haven't been anything major just what was up and what we have been doing etc. We did wind up having sex 2x since the breakup and I am going to tell him how I still feel for him etc and what I want. The past week our texting has been a bit more and not to just say whats up. I texted him about something that I thought he might want to know and then he continued the conversation. I brought up something that happened to me that day and then talked about it more and joked around with him about it because he sort of tied into it. I also told him a movie we both enjoyed was coming out seeing if I could get him to maybe say for us to see it just to maybe see where we were. He said yeah it was but he doesn't have time to go see it which is ok since I know now he works a lot. We talked a bit more and he started using emojiis again something that he didn't use for awhile well since the bu and then asked if I wanted to hang out tonight and watch a movie. It was very late and I asked if he had work the next day which he did, he then said it was up to me but then said maybe not because he was falling asleep. I said it was fine and we can hang another night. Things seem to be going ok. I do want to share my life with him again and I think i just have to tell him how I feel still and go from there. Do you think there could be something? I always hope for the best but if it doesn't work then so be it
and when I did see him those 2 times he had asked if I had gotten skinnier and a few other things he said I seemed it so I really dont know


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