Do I need help or is it possible to get through this?

I fell in love with my friend. He moved and I cried for a week when he moved and cried again today, a month later. We don't talk much anymore and he's always talking to a new female friend on social media and she's a snob like his boyfriend is (who he moved to be with).

I really miss him. He's still the same sweet, crazy guy he was before... I can tell from stuff he puts on Instagram and snapchat and stuff... he's just ignoring me. I know it was hard for him when he left so I don't know if he's trying to "replace" me by finding a girl friend he can act similar with. I tell myself I don't care but deep inside I do care and I miss him like hell and am still in love with him.

I know I'll never see him again. He promised to see me/keep in touch but it's not happening. I hate him for acting like this but at the same time I love him and can't truly hate him. I feel like life is meaningless without him. How can I get over this? I try not thinking about him but I can't help it. Everything reminds me of him. Do I need counseling or is it normal to be this upset over someone I never even dated?

i can't talk to my parents about this because they'll just make me feel dumb for falling in love with a guy outside my religion and my friends never liked him and told me I should be glad he's gone and then say they don't wanna hear me talk about him.


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  • so u fell for a gay guy?

    • I didn't know at first... we almost dated before I found out

    • must be bi then

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  • You are clearly hurt by this and should definitely talk to someone. The fact that you say your parents will make you feel dumb and your friends don't want to hear you talk about him just shows that you lack a support group. If you feel like life is meaningless without him means you have deeper issues that you need to remedy immediately. Please go get professional help so you can love yourself without relying on others to do it for you.


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