What's the best way to move on?

I just finished a relationship which I deeply fond of. I cut the person off because I see no future and many down side of being together, even though there are also too many up side of being together. Now, I could feel the loss of up side is eating me and making me weak and emotional. But I know going back with him is not a rational decision.
So, my question is, what should I do to move on?
What I can think of is 1. meeting someone new, 2. staying with friends for most of time when free, 3. get work taking most of my time.
I tried all of them, not working. From this experience, I realize myself as a rational romantic which seems full of contradiction. Empathy or constructive suggestions are all welcome. Thanks.


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  • Learn and analise what was bad or what u liked less, think about ur atitude and how u dealt with stuff while u were in the relationship... people often say "dont think about it blablabla" but its good to see what went wrong and how u can improve urself, another thing have fun, avoid romantic movies, go out with friends , and avoid talking or checking ur ex's stuff, focus on what you can do to move on, that " meet someone new" i share a opinion that being conected or loving someone doesn't mean u can't get attached to other people so, the fact that u would meet someone new wouldn't change ur mindset about the other person... but hey if u want it try it aight thats all


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  • You have just come out of a 'Relationship which I deeply fond of,' @evatheboy and with this, You have not even Began a new Beguine of Licking your War Wounds.
    Take your time, don't Try and Over think anything right now. Your body and clock and all in this Relationship has Not gotten used to the idea that you are Apart, although still together in Heart.
    Do some soul searching while you still have a chance. If you sit and ponder and wonder enough, Still able to maybe Go Back to the "Way we Were,' there may be No Need For... Empathy or constructive suggestions, here, dear.
    And if you find that it is Best from the Rest to move on, then go Slow with your Flow and be with Good Friends who are able to get you through Anything and can take your mind off Everything, such as getting you out there to Explore the world again.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Breaking up with a loved one is the same thing as losing a loved one, you have to give yourself a mourning period. You have to let yourself feel. You should be feeling sadness, loss, even a bit depressed, this is normal and doesn't make you weak or anything, it just makes you human. You can't control your feelings, you can manage them, but not control them. So, obviously you shouldn't let them interfere with your day to day life, but you do need to express them. Remember acceptance is the first step. Just give yourself time, and you'll be okay.

  • Focus on all that was bad

    • Focus on what is bad?

    • The things that you couldn't stand

    • The thing I could not stand is non-monogamy and sex addiction which involves cheating. I have no intention of changing anyone for me. But that could not change the fact that I feel bad of it.

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