Guys, is it a Rebound?

Together for a month or two
Very happy both ways, took me on a holiday within the first week of being with me.
always wanted to see me even when he had work in the morning.
Always took me places without me even asking.
Always wanted to pay for dinner
always told me if I'm upset that he is my home.

2 months later he met a girl said she was cool.
He told me nothing has changed and said he still has feelings for me.
broke things off with me 4 days after saying this.
said he still has feelings for me and that hasn't changed.
Kept telling me nothing had changed including his feelings.
I told him he doesn't have to lie to try and save my feelings I am an adult.
Kept insisting he had feelings for me.
Said He hasn't been single in years and needs to be on his own. (Truthfully)
Kept telling me that he was hurt and he won't be able to get over me that easy.
Kept telling me he won't be able to get over me easily.
Said he Still wants me in his life
still wants to talk to me. will hurt him if I'm not around.

I said I can't do that.
Told him I had to rid him off everything because I'm hurt.
He was upset, very upset.
I deleted him off social media straight away. I got rid of everything, he said he's not going to do that.
I have left him alone because I don't want to be annoying or seem like a crazy person. And because I'm scared of rejection.
3 days later he deletes me off Instagram
4 days later his friend does the same.
6th day he's dating the girl he thinks is cool.

He either truly doesn't have feelings for me anymore or he is rebounding. 😔 I think he's over me.
+1 y
The girl whom he was with for a year, he said it was a long time coming. They were always fighting and he lost feelings for her because of that. She was a bit crazy apparently.
Guys, is it a Rebound?
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