Made a tough decision, was it right?

So my boyfriend and I have a 9 month old little girl together and honestly the main issue with our relationship is his family ( mostly addicts). Well we have been going to therapy to help with the communication issues that keep resurfacing and it seems like everything our therapist says to try Billy does the opposite. After 4 months of therapy I just gave up on hoping he would follow through. I mean in therapy he admits to things he needs to work on , specially when it comes to standing up to his family (in a non confrontational way) and every chance he has the opportunity he doesn't. And to top it off he simply doesn't care about our split. Said in therapy that if he did care no one would know it... So pretty much I can't trust his words bc like i said early he says XY and Z are a issue and when confronted with XY and Z he doesn't do anything different... so i try to go by his actions and his actions show that he doesn't care (as far as I can see).

Currently we are still living together , gave him 2 weeks bc we have a small reptile room he will have to get proper place for... so he started looking for an apartment. Its killing me to see him walking around and not bothered. but at the same time i feel like thats exactly why we need to break up... but it sounds so stupid telling people we are breaking up bc he doesn't care... am i overthinking?


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  • You sound like you did the right thing. I mean this was just something between you and him. What if it had gone on and it concerned your daughter?

    • thats the thing, i worry more about our daughter if i am not with him. The issue is about his family and how he "doesnt want to hurt their feelings" but he clearly does not like their cycle of bad habits and admits to it in therapy, just has a hard time dealing with conflict. Specially with them. They pull guilt trips. I hate it. So does he. So if i am not in a relationship with him I worry he will give into them as far as keeing her over night and babysitting. but if i stay with him i have to deal with this fight about using me as a scapegoat... I can't figure out which is worse. His family or how he deals with his family...

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  • You deserve happiness and love. You do not deserve a person who doesn't care about you. You can have a happy family and a man who respects and loves you. You have to let go in order to find the man you were destined to be with. Just keep remembering that. I know I'm young and I don't have much life experience to tell you what to do but just know each person deserves someone who truly cares for them. Don't settle for less. Your little girl deserves to see her mother in happy marriage or relationship.

    • thats exactly what I told billy. That this isn't what love feels like or looks like. I know a realtionship isn't always sunshine and rainbows but the partners should always conquer things TOGETHER and i dont feel like we are a team anymore.

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