I feel left out because my boyfriend might do work with other people after work?

So I don't know for sure but my boyfriend might be doing work at his sister's house (nobody lives there yet) after work with people. She and her fiancé and both sets of parents will be there and I feel left out. We live in different towns like 20-25 minutes away so his house isn't a hop skip and jump away.

I feel left out. Is this something I just can't help?


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  • So I'm guessing that he's going to do some painting and some other do it yourself, weekend warrior type of house work. Have you even given him the impression that that's not really your kind of thing. Have you ever done this kind of thing with him before and complained the whole time while doing it? If that's the case, he probably didn't ask you because he doesn't want you to get there and then not really want to do anything, which can be annoying especially when everyone else is there to work.


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  • Remember guys are Mr. Fix It's...I would ask many of the same questions the Professor did...Have you said you wanted to help? 20 minutes away really isn't a big deal ya know...Is this something that he feels he needs to do himself? For his sister...Talk with him about it...We girls have a tendency to hint and expect "him" to catch on so we don't have to ask...Silly game really...Open your mouth and say what you need to say...You are not going to learn what you need to learn while you're standing there trying to read his mind...Best of luck. Cheers!


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