Why is my ex contacting me??

My ex split 8 months ago and eventually our contact stopped altogether however just recently she's texted me, speaking to me on msn, coming into to my workplace (although I wasn't there at the time), catching me when I popped some post round early in the morning but is also telling me how happy she is and all the plans she's got going on. She even sends the odd email to some of my family members. Is she playing games or generally missing me or wanting something to develop?

I'd probably would give the relationship another go however I don't want to push her away by been up front, I've only seen her in person once so I don't know her body language. She was seeing somebody but not sure if she still is, I haven't asked!


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  • More importantly, what are you hoping for? I'm sorry to say but the only way to truly know what she wants is to straight out ask her.


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  • She's either really missing you, or trying to make her boyfriend jealous.

    It's one of the two, but history always wins...

    • Don't think her boyfriend would know if she had one. Just keep getting hot and cold off her at the minute!!

  • I think you should talk to her about it, it may be a lot of things and you won't know for sure unless you talk to her and know what's up.

    • Don't want to go charging in just yet and frighten her away. She's asking me all the time what I'm up to and her mates are letting her know when they see me out. It's coming up to the date we first got together this weekend and I know she'll not forget the day

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  • don't even play the game that someone else told you to..don't come out and ask her anything. she's poking around probably because she's wanting another chance. don't waste your time playing the "i'll guess what's on your mind" game. ignore her until she can tell you what she's up to ;)

    • She's quite a stubborn person at times but on the other hand I am and won't confront her. I'll just keep sitting back and leave time to decide I thinks!!

  • Most likely she has been dumped by someone else and is lonely and POSSIBLE horny...

    she is your ex... so stop stressing yourself about it and go to her along "hey not mean to be rude, but why you contacting me all of a sudden... I think you want me."

    She'll probably deny it anyways but her body language will tell..


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