Yet another "should I try to get him back" question?

He's 25, I'm 37. We had a really nice relationship for a year, hardly fought and were great hanging out alone. The problem was that he didn't like going out, where I like going to nightclubs etc. He'd get really jealous over older guys (who were just friends) talking to me and disappear so I had to find him all the time. It was pretty annoying, but I understood how he felt so was (and am) fine to put up with it. (That's entirely my call what I will and won't tolerate). I told him I was fine with him staying home if he wanted. The night we broke up was at my best friend's birthday. He got really drunk and left after he saw another guy talk to me. He was crying out the front, saying how much he loved me and seemed pretty emotional. Yes he was being a baby, but I'm really ok with it because nobody's perfect. The next day he went really cold and ended it with me. I took my things and left and we haven't spoken since. It was exactly one month ago. He hasn't unfriended me on facebook. I really would like to give the relationship another try. i'm just trying to figure out when is the best time to make first contact. I don't want to appear desperate. It's his birthday in another month (2months from break up), do you think it is best to wait until then as maybe 2 months doesn't look as desperate as contacting out of the blue after a month? I don't know if he's interested, but he really seemed very in love with me for the last 7 months of the relationship. It's just hard to imagine he doesn't want or love me anymore, just like that. I asked him when we broke up if he had wanted to end it before that day and he said no. I believe that as he is a straight shooter and would have just said if he'd been thinking about breaking up for a while. I suspect that he's very embarrassed about his behaviour that night. What do u think please? :)
Yet another "should I try to get him back" question?
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