Do I wait or go?

Me and my boyfriend of nearly 5 years were supposed to be buying a house this year as we both currently live separately with our parents. We started viewing houses and got a mortgage agreement etc but then his suddenly come out with his not ready to buy a house. We have been talking about this for two years. I said to him about renting for a year to see how we cope living together as he said he "isn't ready to move out" of his parents house. His 28 in September and I'm nearly 27... Not exactly young. He agreed but only because I said I couldn't see it working anymore because I want to get on with my life and he just has to try... I already delayed by a year you see. He is always away for work so realistically he has no reason to ever leave home as it's cheap which gives him more money to waste. The thing is I have saved hard and have quite a lot saved whereas he doesn't save very hard. To me renting is dead money and I just want to buy now. Do I wait or just do it? Or should I rent? He just doesn't seem bothered. I don't know how to make him want to hit that stage of his life. Will he ever?
Do I wait or go?
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