Is texting all day back and forth too soon a bad sign?

So I met this guy a week ago. He was very flattering. I mean this dude gave me his jacket when I went outside and I just had met him that night. And the moment I walked in the house he came up to me and gave me a beer. Told me I had very sexy eyes. We had apparently met once before and he had remembered. I was very unsure about the whole situation. So I just left the party not even thinking about it. Anyways so a week later I was hanging out with my good friends whom they brought this guy to the party I went to. They were talking about going to this party with him and talking about great of a guy he is. And honestly, yeah when I met him I thought he was a really nice guy. But I’m very cautious of that type of behavior (too good to be true.)

Anyways I asked my friend for his number and I started texting him just kind of flirting back. Anyways we’ve been texting a lot. and he is a smooth talker...

Is texting a lot too soon a bad sign that he may just be playing?


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What Guys Said 1

  • He hasn't tripped up yet so you're looking for a bad reason. Sometimes you really do get a good one.

    Relax and take it slow. Anybody who wants to stick around will do so.


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  • so from the description he sounds decent nd like a gentleman

    nd if he is tking time to reply to ur texts that is a good sign because tht means he is eager to talk to you too.

    But I still think that you should talk to him a little bit more to really get to know him...texting is good because it gives both of you a relaxed form of communication..

    its not how much you text tht is good or bad but what is tlked abt in those texts :)


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