How to avoid panic when seeing ex?

Long story short.

I fell in love with a coworker, and she rejected me.

Everything is cool between us, no awkwardness, none on her end.

Everytime I do see her, or talk to her... I feel like an anxiety attack, I panic, I can't explain... but its like seeing your ex in public... But I have to see her a couple times a week.

When we are both in, I tense up, I can't focus on work, I go out of my way to avoid her, I get really stressed... If I do talk to her for too long, my heart starts feeling that pain again...

I know I am not 100% over her yet,

But I just want to be normal, I don't understand why I feel this way and don't want a panic attack every-time I see her.

How to avoid panic attack?


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  • If she rejected you without every having a relationship of any kind, but your having panic attacks around her, I think you have issues that need to be resolved with a councilor. If you don't get help, you may make this person so unconformable she may file a complaint against you for sexual harassment, and then you will lose your job.

    So in a nutshell, see out a councilor to talk to.

    • Actually I get them when I see her, or she is around...

      If I do talk to her, I am fine.

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    • I want to resolve my issue without a councilor.

      Why do you say I need one?

    • panic attacks are a medical issue.

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  • If the two of you were never in a relationship, then I don't understand why you have the panic attacks. That sounds more like you need therapy or something.


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