Confused about closure and moving on?

I thought it was always better to deal with your feelings, emotions and problems head on.

If you are sad, cry let it out. If someone wronged you, talk to them...

Don't repress and ignore the feeling or problem...

But when a relationship ends... (Especially when you don't fully understand what happened)

We are told to move on, ignore and forget about our ex like they ment nothing. Doesn't matter why, doesn't matter if you have answers to your questions, just ignore, forget and move on.

Is it healthy to do this?

I kinda feel its wrong to just ignore and forget, and just distract myself with work, hobbies and movies until I lose feelings for her...

I loved this girl, but I will never truly know or understand what happened...


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  • I think it is healthy to move on. You do yourself more damage when you hold on.


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  • As much as you want closure, what good would it really do you? Do you really want to hear the negativity she may think/see of you spew out of her mouth just to get your emotions toward her to shut off?

    Putting yourself in that situation won't do you much good, in my opinion. You want to look forward, you're not going backwards.


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  • Well I disagree with that. Even with exes I think it's important to get closure. However with some, talking about it makes things worse, and really the best option is to get them completely out of your mind. It depends on the person. It sounds like for you, you need answers to really move on.


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