Bumped into my ex?

she is the one that dumped me a while back. i never begged for her back but moved on.

haven't seen her in months and then bumped into her last week. we say hi and go about our lives. i was talking to other women and having a good time. not trying to get her jealous at all. but my ex and her gfs kept looking at me and walking past me. so i started to chat with my ex and it was short but positive. and they walked off and mingled with other people.

then my ex walks past me by herself went to the other side of the bar, so i went up and chatted with her. it was short but she seemed uncomfortable, shy, and giggly. she gave me a hug and said it was nice talking to me and walked off. whats up with her /


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  • She might still like you and hope that you like her too. If she walked past multiple times it was to get your attention. Acting shy and giggly is nerves, or flirtation depending on her usual personality.
    Has she messaged you or have you spoken to her since then?

    • she is upset that i dont want to be just friends in the past. but she will also keep posting quotes about love. i think she is trying to friendzone me and then she realized she couldn't when i walked away.

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  • If you've moved on from it. Is it worth it to remotely put yourself in a similar situation again with her?

    • we dont hate each other but i don't want to be friendzoned.

    • Does it matter? She dumped you for a reason. If anything, the power is in your court. If her play is in that nature, that is.

      Do you really care if you put each other in the friend zone?

  • Don't know. I wouldn't care. Keep it moving. Hopefully you don't run into her again.


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