What is wrong with my ex?

she made it clear she didn't want to date me many months ago. i didn't beg for her but told her to call me if she wants to date. she never did.

months later we bump into each other and she keeps walking past me and looking at me talking to other girls. i said hello to her to be nice. and then she would try to get me jealous with other guys by flirting with them. so i asked her out on a date and she said no.

i then bump into her again and she kept walking pass me and we chatted. she was uncomfortable but she seemed shy and nervous around me. she hugged me good bye. and then as i'm talkign to other girls she kept looking at me. and she keeps posting sad love quotes on facebook, which i know it is about me. i don't confront her but when i bump into her i try to rekindle things but i feel she is putting this mask with me.

what should i do? i want to work things out.
What is wrong with my ex?
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