Help! BU was confusing and were still in contact but im not sure about possibilities?

I really still don't understand our breakup and think there is anofther shot worth taking but i need to express how I feel and tell him and see what is up. He basically fell into depression and closed off for awhile. After that he told me he felt like we were not connecting and was not feeling what he thought he maybe should have been. I dont get this because before this happened we were great together. we explored places connected on all levels, had good conversations got along great and had a lot in common along with other things. It just sort of came as a shock to me. I don't know why but in a sense I believe maybe he doesn't know what he wants in life and was struggling with the hardships he was brought on who knows. I just dont get how one day you go from saying I <3 you to breakup. We were good for each other and everyone saw it. Everyone said we completed each other and would be together for a long time. Since the bu he has been initiating contact and sometimes more than once. I have sometimes too. We had sex 2x ( i know bad move) but are still in contact eventhough sometimes he wants to hang and watch movies and its late at night. Has guys ever not known what they wanted while in a relationship with a girl possibly broken it off and fot back together with them after some time? I think I just have to talk with him because I still feel deeply for him and feel like we gave up on something and something could continue but I don't know. I also just dont want to be used if that incase turns into that either.


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  • Lots of times, depression can drive a relationship apart. This could've been what happened with you two. If so, there is a chance that y'all could've just hit a bump and can definitely be back together

    • It drives me crazy then why would he say those things when Bu? can stress and such cause people to think these thoughts? I also dont know what this is that we are doing, texting and hanging out but at nights. I just dont want to be used and i dont see him doing that but you never know. Not sure how to go about trying to get him back but i guess I just have to straight up talk to him and if nothing good happens then I have to accept that and maybe someday he will realize what he had, or things can turn good all depending on how he is viewing his life now that he sort of is back on his feet for the time being

    • Yes depression can really do that. It makes you overthink and totally doubt yourself and what you have

    • Thats horrible :( yea he shut himself out from basically everyone and upon coming out of it is when he broke up with me. he told me those things and that he had thought about it a lot and thought it was something he was just placing in his head and it would go away but it did not so he broke up with me which i find crazy bc like i said things were good before all this

  • Cut off contact and then there might be w chance. If you're still in touch, there's no chance

    • How will I know if there is a chance if there is no contact? he is the one contacting me for the most part

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