My ex texted me, should I answer him?

the relationship was great but at one point my boyfriend just stopped talking to me 3 weeks ago without any reason or explanation. I figured out it was his way of ending it even if it was very disrespectful to me "his girl".

he then started texting my friend telling her things like "are you still talking with my ex?" and such things that made it clear that it was over.

I decided to start the no contact rule and managed to not bump into him by not going outside my own classroom as we go to the same university but not same classes. Today was my 5th day of no contact, his exams were finished and he wasn't supposed to come again so I went outside during break. but just when I went outside my classroom I saw him there with one of his friends and he kept looking at me as if he wanted to talk to me. I simply ignored him and kept going forward.

This evening he texted me saying "happy holiday" as if nothing happened and I didn't answer because I can't forget all the times he ignored my phone calls and texts. what should I do?


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  • I know it’s very painful to have somebody breaking up without breaking up and the good thing is you know what it feels like and you’re not likely to do this yourself, ever.

    As for what you should do, it doesn’t really matter. The only thing that matters is that you go to work on your own mind and find that inner strength which we all possess. Try to calm your mind, think about other things than him if you can, even for a little bit. Do fun things with other people, and just try to relax; you will become more inspired by yourself.

    You will find the place where you start to say things like “well, with or without him, I’m happy and I don’t really need a boyfriend right now, I can do fun things on my own or with my friends etc.

    So, reply to him, or don’t but only focus on you, you, you. Your only concern is YOUR happiness. This will lead you to your next relationship in time, and in the meantime, you’ll be much happier.


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  • Nope, honestly, that is only what a dickhead would do. Don't talk to him so he can have a taste of he's own medicine.

    Block he's number also.


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