Broke up with me, but still feels connected to me? HELP?

I was dating this guy for 5 months, he's in the marine corps. we became quite serious, with him starting talk of our future together. out of the blue he broke up with me cause the distance was too hard… over text... but said he wanted to stay friends and that I should “save him for later”… this is when the mixed signals kicked in. I cut off contact for a while, but he would still send me messages saying he missed me and hoped I was doing okay. all of this happened while he was away training. eventually we became friendly enough to have convos here and there, where he would flirt and act as if we were still together, I never reciprocated, but it kept me hanging on..

he came home for a few days before he was due to move to japan where he would be stationed. I picked him up from the airport, because I was hopeful, for what I don’t know... he was cold and as the night went on it was clear he only wanted sex.. which was extremely distant.. after that first night he never tried to hang out with me again the entire time he was home, even though he’d repeatedly said how much he wanted to see me and how “I better still hang out with him”... then had the nerve to ask me to take him to the airport.. I said no. but, I wanted to say goodbye in person.. because I wanted closure, but he never responded and that was that.. (I later found out he was a jerk to his family too, not just me)

after a while he spoke to me as if nothing had happened and he still continues to talk to me now that he is in Japan. the convos are based around him and only him. never asking how I am or what I’ve been up. yet, it feels as if he doesn’t want to lose contact with me.. he messages me everyday and responds RIGHT away with long in depth messages. I'm friendly, but I am in no way catering to him at all anymore..

I know I just wrote a novel.. but, I am lost with what this all means and am hoping to get some insight as to what might be going through his head and other opinions about it all...
Broke up with me, but still feels connected to me? HELP?
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