Best way to make your ex suffer?

My ex break up with me 6 months ago and her reasons were ridicoulous.
Also I"m so angry to myself, because I can't get over her for some reason,
but she continued hurting me and everyday I think about her and nothing had changed.
I wanna she to feel the same way with all the pain I suffered to realize her mistake,
but how to do that?
I wanna revenge to her, how to do that?


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  • There is no way to avenge her, or make her 'realize her mistake'.
    She broke up with you... she's no longer interested, clearly doesn't regret her decision. Whatever you try to do with that aim will only end up making you look bitter and desperate, none of which will do you any favours.

    The best form of revenge is showing her that you've moved on, and are perfectly fine without her in your life. If you don't feel like you're at that point yet, you should put in more time to help you work in that direction.

    • I'm so sad about it, I still love her and this kills me every single day.
      I tried everything to get her back, after she break up with me without any success.
      I hope she become on my place one day and someone break her heart and show her no love.
      Because we're together for more than 4 years and she said to one of my friends:
      "I'm sorry, but I don't love him anymore".

    • yeah, I know. I mean... I've been in the same place as yourself before, and can empathize with you about how at times it will feel like life has ceased to have any meaning. For the longest time, I also pined to have my ex reach out to me, tell me that he wanted me back or at least apologize for what led to the breakup. Which ended up happening a few months afterwards but by that time, I had already realized that the longer I hoped for him back and analyzed the situation to no end, the more destructive only to myself it would remain.
      The best thing you can do is to move on. I know it's easier said than done but as you make progress towards that goal, you'll already start to feel better and better.

    • Totally agree with you :)

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  • Unfortunately, revenge isn't your answer. I know it's bull, but she will one day know exactly how you are feeling right now. Karma is real, it's bit me in the ass countless times. But I've also been fortunate enough to see it happen to someone that hurt me, and it hit theme 10 times worse.

    • Yeah no matter that it sounds stupid, I believe in that karma...
      The most hurtful thing for me is the girl that I gave everything to hold her,
      just reject me looking for someone else, like she want's to have experience with more men in order to feel like a "real" woman with high self esteem.

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    • Exactly, always keeping in mind that the good you put out into the world eventually comes back your way!

    • Ufcourse, perhaps I just needed a time to get in order.

  • By not giving a shit about her and living a great life?

    Getting revenge on her proves that leaving you was the right thing to do and only prevents you from moving on, so what's the point?

    • Yes I should not give a shit about her anymore.

      By getting revenge yeah you're right, since I was weak after she break up with me,
      I just gotta stay strong and believe in the better girls in future.

    • That's right.

  • Move on. Then if she comes crawling back then you have the opportunity to say no and mean it.

    • Sounds hard.

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    • I think the longest I've ever needed before I moved on from a person was almost a year and a half. Things will get better, you just have to take it a day at a time

    • Yeah maybe for me will be half a year, but it's also a lot it's not just easier
      to remove someone from your life, memories, feelings and especially your own heart.

  • Get revenge by living your life.

  • Move on. Stop this. And move on with your like.


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  • Best way to make your ex suffer is for you to move on. True story.

  • if i said such a thing certain people would call me a bitter guy who whines about women.

    • Well I pretend to be honest and say the things exactly I want to,
      someone could not like it but, this is me they have their own character and opinion,
      I gotta be different.

    • thats true.

  • i would suggest you to move on and get busy in your life and enjoy it by moving on.

  • Living well is the best revenge.

    • So I have to manage to live well, without her...

    • Yes. And have her see you living well and happy. God, that'll hurt!

    • Because I can't get over man... In the past 6 months I'm still thinking about her and love her...
      This hurt's me because I can't be with her, at least she is not trying to reach me and act's
      like I'm nothing for her. That's why I want her to feel a little bit like me.

  • Let it go. Move on.


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