My ex won't stop texting me?

I broke up with my boyfriend of two years last Wednesday (it was a mutual break up in all fairness) and after he was really upset. I'm in the middle of major exams so I agreed to speak again after a month see what feelings are there and what aren't and if we think we should give it another go.

the thing is he won't stop texting me, acting as if nothing's happened texting like we used to and it's getting on my nerves!! Constantly saying well we can do this and that if we get back together and I'm willing to make it work. He keeps telling me he loves me and wants me to be happy but I'm afraid I'm going to be the bad guy because I don't want to get back with him, I don't want to text him constantly and he's doing my head in!!!

I dont want want to upset him that the problem, there is no bad blood between us and it has been an amicable break up but he keeps constantly asking to meet up. I just want some advice on after this months up - how can I sway it so we don't have to get back together?

i know your going to say 'just get some balls and do it' I'm not interest in your opinion if that is it, I want to know how I can make it as painful as possible on his part.
*painless - my apologies for the recurring bad grammar throughout.


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  • Seems like he didn't get over you and you see it yourself, from my personal experience, my following advice is;

    Try to keep the texting on minimum with him, try to show him that you're ignoring him in a way, I'm a male and I know that that shit can be painful but he'll get over it soon. Answer with short texts, and if it gets on your nerves even more, you shouldn't just fu** him over, try to be gentle in the same way


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