Don't cry over me.


Today me and my boyfriend brook up because it just was not the same, I have been out with him 6/7 times.

After I chucked him I seen him with crying so I text him saying that I'm not worth his tears, I feel really bad but I don't want to go back out with him and it was for the best.

All my friends said it was for the best because they want me to be happy and not get hurt they also want me to go out with my best m8t Scott.

I really like Scott and that was another reason I chucked my ex. I have been told Scott fancies me so should I go out with Scott and just be friends with my ex or what should I do. Xxx


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  • What is your question... ?


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  • You heart breaker, if you got a thing for your friend, and you like him more than go for it...


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  • Be friends with your ex if need be, if that works it works..if not, so be it. Go for this mate that fancies you. You have to follow your heart m'lady. Cheers!


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