He has moved an hour away.

Okay I am about to get my license, and can drive wherever as long as I can provide gas money. Me and my boyfriend have been dating 6 months. He has moved an hour away do to parental issues. He is Mormon so he is unable to date and so it is super hard for me to contact he has been gone for a month and half but we've talked twice and I am good friends with his sister so I am spending spring break at her dads house where my boyfriend lives. HE acts like he loves me but couldn't he call me more should I move on.. I'm not sure how to live without him...


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  • everyone when they're young and break off with someone thinks they can't live without that person, but if you ask them now they're totally fine and even better.


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  • It sounsd like you should move on
    eventually its going to get old
    and you might as well do it now then later


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