Do most guys do this to a girl? Or is it just towards me?

My first relationship ended in October I'm mostly over it, but there are certain days that are worse then others. I'm 22 now. I just wanna know if what he did to me was because I did something wrong or if it's just normal guys do this. I went to the fair with him and my best friends and his best friend. I bought him his ride pass. Anyway he wanted to play a few of the carnival games I thought he was gonna win me a teddy bear. So he won the game and automatically asked my friend to chose which teddy bear she'd like. I felt so upset. Maybe I'm greedy, but it kinda hurt. When I hinted to him could we play another one to win he's like "fuck girlfriends just empty my wallet I swear" and that really hurt as well because he never really bought me any gifts, or paid for meals. I never really asked for anything either. In our relationship I got him 3 sets of concert tickets which cost me quite a bit, and a few other gifts, and I would offer to pay for most meals. Sometimes he'd "pay" for my meals but then he'd ask me for the money once we got in the car. I also felt like he was embarrassed by me because he would never hold my hand in public or hug me. And if I tried to he'd literally push me away
am I iust not good enough for a relationship? I've also been bullied my whole life practically so being pushed around feels somewhat normal to me. Or is this just what most guys do to girls?
He also I would say raped me. I never actually said "no" so it may not be rape, but I never did anything before and I would be crying and saying "I'm not ready" and the one day he just did it. Then he'd blame it on me saying I should have said no. So maybe it was my fault


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  • He sounds selfish and no not all guys are like that


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  • He's an asshole. Not all guys are like that


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