Closure: Should I rant how I felt to my ex, or turn the other cheek?

Basically my ex and I have been in a relationship and before he moved we decided to do long distance, but three weeks in he throws in the towel. After I announced I was gonna take a semester off to visit him so we could try things out. He was on his clinical year for medicine, and I was supposed to start med school in August. He said he would have called me on Saturday to talk about how he felt, he never did. After i sent him a message asking him to be honest with me on what he wants, so that I can move on with my life he says:

I don't think we can be together. Everything coming and going

Unfortunately my life won't be stable until another 5 years

I will be bouncing all over for hospitals residency and then work

We could try to keep in touch, but how long will that last? 5 years?

I still won't recommend a career in medicine.
I think he just wanted one girl to have sex with while he was in my state. People in love, find a way.

My closure:
Deep down you know you used me, and you calculated and executed it very well. Yet I question your character. In the very beginning I asked you if you wanted just to hook up, after all the chaos in April and u came bk telling me you loved me, and that I was the ideal girl and that you don't need another woman when you have me. All that for pussy? Like y entertain the idea of marriage n up until last week encourage me to visit? Y did you lie about loving me. Why ask me to take you back the two time you screwed up? Why mention how much you admire my efforts to try at love after being hurt in the past when you knew you were not genuine? Thank you though, for showing me that I should be really careful with the words, because talk really is cheap.

What do you guys think? Should i wait for his response then or block him right after?
Closure: Should I rant how I felt to my ex, or turn the other cheek?
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