How to cope with a break-up?

I wanted to break-up with this girl but she beat me to it.
Even though I was preparing to break-up with her I didn't think it would hit me hard emotionally but it did.
Why is it that I wanted to break-up with her yet when she ended it with me, I feel this giant void.
I'm a very unemotional person but her breaking up actually made me tear up.
She did it right after we got back from vacation too and didn't even have the courtesy to do it in person.
First time a girl has broken up with me and I don't really know how to deal with it right now.
What should I do? Any advice would be helpful.
Thank you to anyone who gives even a slight care.


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  • No one feels good being let go, even if they were on the verge of ending it themselves. When you are the one breaking up, you have a list of reasons that you are doing it. A lot of the reasons relate to what the other has done (or not done) that are causing you to end the relationship. Then they beat you to it and suddenly, you are stuck wondering what you did wrong, effectively making you take blame. Maybe even making you wonder if you have shortcomings that make you a not so desirable partner. It sucks, and if she gave you reasons, at least contemplate them. Every broken relationship is and opportunity to learn what you don't want in a partner and what you may need to address about yourself.

    • She gave me the "it's me not you" reason. I went above and beyond in pleasing this girl. She said she needs to work on herself before she can be in a relationship. At the beginning asked me if I was serious about a meaningful relationship, in the end she was the one uncertain. The reason I wanted to break-up with her was because she complained about everything. When I finally called her out on it became upset with me. She was bumming me out with her negative attitude and low energy. So I'm left wondering why I was dumped, instead of the other way around.

    • Funny thing is I believe her when she said she needs to work on herself.

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  • Well you should look in the future I have told myself so many times this girls is the one... just keep loking it is hard to open your hearth again but if you feal you can do it just open it and give some care to your closest people and what ahould you do? Give yourself some time , abd go out with friends get yourself busy so you do not think about her , and do what you like 😉 if you won't to talk am hier buddy 😃


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  • you just have to give it time. nothing makes it better, honestly. you just gota move on with your life

  • Go out with your friends. Surround yourself with people and activities so that you're not sitting at home alone and sad

  • 1. Get yourself some ice cream.
    2. Hang out with friends a lot.
    3. Get focused on work/school/whatever the fuck else.
    4. Exercise.
    5. Cry your heart out.

    You will eventually get over it. I promise you that.


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