If I give him some space, will he come back eventually? He was my best friend?

Me and him had been really close friends for two years, helping each other through break ups, talking to each other constantly, always there for each other through anything. Except he always loved me, he told me that while he was with his ex he wanted me, and spent two years telling me and caring about me and trying before I gave him a chance. We started dating non-officially for nine months. We were amazing together and we both only saw each other in our future. I'm already quite successful and he told me it's inspiring him and he started to work on his career.

We fell out a couple of weeks ago and agreed to just be friends as its not the right time with focusing, but we said we both love each other, always will, only want each other, and he will only love me. Friendship didn't last long and we tried again and it was great until he met with his friends and told them about us and he came back saying he wants it to work but it won't. He isn't wanting anybody right now. And cut me off. He's a writer and posted a poem about me publicly about how I'm his weakness and addiction and fantasy hours later. I don't understand? If he feels this way and said he only wants me and even wrote about me why has he cut me off? I'm not allowed to text him and he's unfollowed me. I just can't explain it. I said to just be friends with him and he said no. I know he's not interested in anybody else right now. But if he's known me three years and loved me for two where every day he got rejected so surely he will come back eventually if I give him space? We meant a lot to each other and I truly did nothing bad to him and was always there to help. I know he is the one and we both said if we aren't together we won't meet another person like each other. I know it sounds cliche, but please help.

Is there a chance he will come back? It's only been four days and I'm focusing on myself for now but I don't want to give up on us forever.
If I give him some space, will he come back eventually? He was my best friend?
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