He no longer wants to talk to me, but he wrote a poem about me and publicly shared it?

Long story short me and my best friend got together after a few years and it went perfectly, but all of his exes had cheated on him or left him randomly and he gave up on us because he thought that I wouldn't love him forever (so over dramatic) and he couldn't face me ending it in years. He also worried I was cheating sometimes. We both changed each other, he wasn't interested in building a future until he met me and I was really timid before him. We know we changed each other for the better and he says he is still in love with me and only wants to be with me he just is in the wrong place right now.

But he's cut all contact, no friendship, told me to delete his number and ignores my texts that fight for him, unfollowed me on Instagram. Obviously I was devastated, we have been each other's rocks for years and loved each other deeply. He's a writer, and I noticed that he posted a new poetry piece for the first time in a long time. It was about me. I know because it had memories and things he said to me, but it's about fantasising about me, that I'm his weakness and he doesn't want his addiction to ever end.

Im extremely confused. He ended it, why is he writing this stuff? Does he still love me and just too insecure to be with me?


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  • That's probably how he deals with his emotions

  • It's just his way Of getting some closure


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