He did me wrong! This was my revenge. Am I crazy for this?

I met this guy during fall of last year. The moment I met him I was instantly infatuated by him. The infatuation I had with him had grown and so had my feelings for him. I'd never felt this way towards any guy before so I became terrified of losing him. I always suspected him of talking to and possibly doing more with other girls when we weren't together so I never fully trusted him. We had a falling out in January and ended our relationship. How did things end? Simple. I told a bunch of people right in his face that we weren't together. Which we weren't. We were never official. We made up in April and in May we decided to hang out. When we hung out it was like things were back to normal he even told me not to talk to other guys because that's how things between us got heated in the first place (I never talked to other guys by the way. I liked him too much to do that). After we hung out, the very next day he invited me over and we did have sex. I didn't want to but I eventually gave in. It was terrible as usual. A few days go by and things are going great. But I notice that I have to text him first in order to talk to him and it was never really like that before. I instantly got a bad feeling. I just knew something wasn't right. I got this amazing idea to catfish him and low and behold all my suspicions of him since day one were proven right. He didn't text me back one night so the next day I waited for him to text me first. He never did so I made the profile. Instantly he replied to the girl I was catfishing him with. He told her how much he wanted to meet her, how he wasn't talking to anyone, how much he liked her, etc. I was furious. I texted him told him he was dirty and to no longer contact me. I blocked his number and everything else. He didn't try to contact me or anything either. Anyways I couldn't bring myself to cut contact with him and my catfish girl. I miss him and talking to him. Through her is the only way I can talk to him. Am I crazy for all of this?
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Just want to say thanks for the feed back everyone gave. I didn't realize just how crazy I was for doing what I did but everyone seems to have the same opinion. I will cut ties with him and the catfish girl and never do something like that to him or anyone else for that matter. My feelings were just hurt and still are and I obviously went about handling those feelings in the wrong way. But I promise I will cut ties with him and the catfish girl and never have any contact with him again. 😔
He did me wrong! This was my revenge. Am I crazy for this?
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