How does it feel getting dumped by your girlfriend? What goes through your head during that time, and etc?

I want to know how does it feel when someone dumps you. What did you wish you know when it happened and what helped in terms of getting over them?


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  • Been dumped twice. Once in Middle School and once right after HS.

    I didn't care to be honest. Middle School - I was sad for like a minute.

    2nd time, he ended it because I was pretty much over him. He was insecure and I just couldn't deal with it.

    NOW, if I'd been dumped by my ex of 4 years (instead of doing the dumping) it would have been *excruciating*.

    Buuuut, eventually things would have been back to normal


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  • well, I've only been dumped twice in my entire life (not counting "breaks")... the first one hurt... i was an amateur in the dating scene then, the second one was way later.
    I found that the phrase "good riddance, less drama" is very consoling when that happens. sadly, the loneliness is still real. So i just get a "replacement". one of the fastest ways to get over being dumped.


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  • It's the worst feeling :(


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  • I personally was okay with it. I just threw a tantrum and told her to never talk to me again. After the first 6 months of ridiculously hateful behavior I was cool as a cucumber.


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