Guys, Is there hope for our relationship?

The first thing I'm going to say is that my boyfriend would never cheat on me and I know that! Me and my boyfriend is on a break because I was acting clingy. But he was talking to females on social networks which was the reason I was acting clingy. I was going on his social media and I really regret it. I wrote this one girl who knew it wasn't him. She does have a boyfriend and I just felt uneasy because of the comments she left on my boyfriend fb photos. It said stuff like you look so good. She also managed to put a lot of kissy faces under his pictures. He got so upset that it resulted in us taking a break. He's says that basically he just likes the feeling he gets from talking to females. It has been about 6 days and I'm completely sad without him. Which is weird because every single one of the six days we managed to talk. After the first day I texted him and I asked him about him and his social networks. He said that I was making him feel like he has to cheat because I don't trust him. The past three days have been really good. I even seen him one of these days. He came up with a lame excusing asking if I had peanut butter. We text each other and he calls me sometimes and even texts me good morning. Meanwhile the whole break thing is still stuck in my head. He had said that he didn't know if this relationship was right for him. He's also made it clear that he's looking for a relation someone to eventually down the line marry. He's 23 and I'll be 22 next month. Also he doesn't like doing pad on social media. Could this be because he's flirting with other women on there. I don't know what to think sometimes. Helpppppppppp!


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  • I'd tell you one thing, if you want remember it!
    When you trust the most in your life, then you start
    realize the real truth and how the other betrayed you...
    You can never be sure, you boyfriend will cheat or not.

  • I dont kniw what he's doing... I would have left.


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