How do I let him know that I am upset?

there is this guy I have been dating for a few weeks. Last week we made plans and I literally didn't hear from him that day and the day later. I asked him later on what happened, he said that something came up (I won't tell the whole story)... but how do I let him know that I am upset that he didn't at least tell me he couldn't make it without seeming controlling and nagging...

I believe that this is common courtesy and not much to ask of a person, correct?

any advice, guys and girls?


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What Guys Said 1

  • it is a common courtesy if he's treating you this bad already it's probably not gonna get better. (I am assuming that his excuse wasn't very legit) but if it was something big important where he could have forgot just give him a break.


What Girls Said 1

  • No it's not too much to ask at all. He's showing bad behavior right from the get go, not a good sign. I've had this happen to me once or twice. In my mind, I remove the guy as an option in my mind. I don't call/text/im any of that. He blew it with me as far as I was concerned. They usually call though. If I feel he might be able to redeem himself, then I'll be polite, but not flirty. He asked me out again, and I told him "I had wanted to go out with you before. But I don't think so now." He asked why and I explained to him "I already agreed to go out with you once and you blew me off with no explanation." I didn't whine, complain, or really even expect a response out of him. It just was what it was. He pretty much begged from that point and never messed up like that again.

    If he doesn't call though, forget about him. And if he doesn't act sincerely sorry for the way he acted and try to make up for it, forget about him. This guy's behavior says he didn't care enough about impressing you. He didn't care that you would be p*ssed or hurt. And he certainly took the chance that you might walk away. Think long and hard about dating a guy like that & only give a second chance if he walks a thin line.


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