My first love contacted me a little over a year after we broke up?

I was FINALLY getting my shit together. I had a goal and I was determined to reach it to a point where dating just wasn't in my mind and every guy just didn't spark any interest... but first loves really take a toll on you, am I right? This one does for me. I went from 0-100 real quick 380 spin to confusion. It's been more than a year since he dumped me. It was a bad break up too. I've had 2 brief relationships and talk to people here and there, nothing serious. He had one girlfriend that lasted almost a year whom he broke up with in March ( i might've stalked his IG once or twice but he confessed me he stalked me too). He's my first love but I'm not his. He doesn't mention sex but he is a bit braggy. He said sorry for being a dick, but he also seemed sympathy seeking and he keeps mentioning how he'd love to talk to me anytime and insisting we go to hip hop shows together "not like a date or anything like that." I'm confused and and I feel like if I understand his intentions more, I could comprehend how I feel. Help?


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What Guys Said 1

  • It's sounds like he is missing having sex with you,
    so he is able to offer you again to go out with him,
    he to show himself as a better person and try to use you just to have some fun
    why not? men have needs and they need to fullfill it in some way.
    Let's say also he might need help for his past breakup,
    the reasons could be many, but mostly for needs ;)


What Girls Said 1

  • Seems like he's looking for a hook up. I would block his number and keep on keeping on. If you're kicking as right now, he is only going to slow ya down! My ex did this and I let him until I realized I was only a booty call and that he never returned my feelings... even when we were together.


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